ALYKY! Trend-Setter

This World is full of greedy people who only understand the language of money, but on the other hand, some don’t see the world this way and for them, it is said that they are the trendsetters or become leaders. We have such an Agency that works as a team no one is superior to the other, everyone plays their part in doing SEO of the client. This company is known as ALKLY. You can access our Profile and progress at ALYKY by far is the only agency that gives us a complete package i.e. solves every kind of problem-related to Sites. ALKLY offer services like online marketing, content writing, backlink building, data collection, etc. A complete package at one place to solve all kind of your worries and problems.

What we have to Offer

If you give us a chance to lift your site than what we do is categorized into 3 steps:

  • Data Analysis:

In the first step, we collect data on your site and your competitors, lots and lots of data and after that, we make an audit of your site through which you’ll know exactly the potential of your site.

  • Strategy:

After collecting the data, we then make a strategy for lifting your site above your competitors, so you can do good business.

  • Writing & Marketing:

After all, if we get a green light then we ask our writers to write unique content for the respective site by keeping in mind all the points and keywords, and then after that, we execute our strategy and then wait for the fruit to bear. Agency Services:

  • Content/SEO Audit:

We’ll check every word on your site and then search for the best possible SEO Practices.

  • Competitor Analysis:

We’ll study your competitor site as well and search for the keywords he is using for ranking purposes.

  • Content Gap Analysis:

We’ll find the best possible solution by comparing your site with that of your competitors. So, that you can get ahead of them.

  • Full Website Audit:

It’s our basic step and a powerful one on which the foundation of whole SEO is based

  • Content Writing:

Our writers are the best and have years of experience writing a different type of content.

  • Content Repurposing:

We can modify the blogs on your site with the latest information which would help it boost a little.

  • SEO Deoptimization:

It helps let you get the control of your site and helps you manage it the way you want.

  • White-Label SEO Services:

We are a white-labeled SEO Agency.

  • SEO/Content Strategy Consulting:

We’ll educate you and your team so that everything can be done according to you.

  • Email Marketing:

Keep working on your email list and make sure to target the right person at the right time.

  • Keyword Research:

It’s a difficult task to handle. You just sit back and relax and let us handle this for you.

  • Editing Services:

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing a book or a blog etc. our editor is here to help you with this.

We urge you to contact us if you any kind of help and support.