The Way to Wear a Bandana Around Your neck

The Way to Wear a Bandana


Hey! Thinking about adding a bandana day? Bandanas have been in existence for centuries as a tool- . Notoriously known in vogue from the Rosie the Riveter poster from World War II, bandanas are not for sporting your head around however only! Interesting fact, the name is thought to derive from the Sanskrit term”badhnati” which translates into”binds” or”to tie.” Enough of a history lesson, however. These little squares of fabric come in a plethora of patterns and materials that are just begging for a part of your outfit. Keep reading for more bandana neck scarf!


Prepare yourself, as the bandana is the’s tee accessory world. It could be produced as an attachment, a bandeau, a hair tie, a headband, a belt, a bracelet, a top, or the focal point of an outfit for any season or event! In addition, don’t forget to comment below to tell me how you like to wear bandanas!


The way to wear a bandana, is actually around The neck. Knots, colours, patterns, as well as different textures are in your hands add some versatility to your appearance and to liven up your outfit. Not all ties around your neck have to be just like a bib or a scarf . I’ll talk more bandana neck scarf.


I like a bandana tied round the neck using a simple white T-shirt, or paired with a button-up that is chambray. I am not talking about looking like a bandit either. A means to wear it around your neck would be to put it flat and fold it around about an inch or two to tie at the back- think a choker!


Lace on a chunky ring onto it, without folding it up Tying it, you could use the ring to connect two bandanas together! Obviously, this is for summer. Bandanas can be utilized! Away from the shoulder shirts, v-neck tee’s, or even a dress would work nicely with a bandana attachment!


I also love the look of a bandana under a faux fur Coat, rather than a classic cotton bandana. It’ll include your look and a juxtaposition of textures.


How to Employ a Bandana As a shirt


A classic tribute to a trend that is large in the 90’s Tube top! There are tube shaped bandanas that are advertised as sprays but are really excellent create a cute tube top over it and to pull down Together with bandanas becoming more popular as fashion statements around this moment! Best part about this appearance? You do not have to recall how you tied the bandana last time you wore it. These come in a ton of fabrics and patterns, and are easily found online. (PSA: Amazon is a excellent place to obtain the big bandanas too, which you’ll need if you’re wanting to tie one bandana to get a tube top.)


If linking bandanas doesn’t disturb you, try linking the corners Crossing them over front, to tie them at the trunk with a set of high-waist shorts or flared jeans for a look and of two bandanas together starting at the rear of the neck! Obviously, it is possible to mix up the colours of the 2 bandanas you are linking together to get a shirt that is two-toned too.


If the classic triangular top is what you’re going for, make Sure you have the big square bandanas, fold it in half (to make a triangle) and tie it in the back. This gives you a appearance. If you wanted to add an element of asymmetry you’ll be able to twist the knot to the side and show just a little kin using a pair of”mother” shorts, or cropped jeans and sandals for a cute casual but stylish twist.


One for the courageous, is tying the bandana at the front where The appearance resembles a bow in the front. Perfect for summer!