best crime scene cleanup crew in my area

The job of a crime scene cleaner may be despicable, but very important. It is not just cleaning, but cleaning, decontaminating and disinfecting and returning the area to the pre-incident state. It calls for skill, fitness and mental toughness. Though many people many have all these three qualities, seldom do people venture out to work as a crime scene cleaner. This is why it is difficult to find out a good crime scene cleaner. It is the police or the civil authorities who need a crime scene cleaner. If you are one of them and are searching for ‘best crime scene cleanup crew in my area’, you need to first be aware of the qualities of a good crime scene cleaning company or personnel.

Requirements of a crime scene cleaning company

Whether it is a unattended death clean up or something else, you need to call a good crime scene cleaning company. Since the job involves a lot of hazard that may endanger not only the personnel, but even others, the personnel need to be guided by some rules. However, it needs to be mentioned there that there is no national level certification for this job. There is not even any provincial certificate. However, there are some rules and guidelines for such personnel to follow. Depending on the state, the personnel may need to have the following permits or certificates.

  • Permit for medical waste transportation,
  • biohazardous Medical Waste Transporter Registration,
  • Biomedical waste transport registration
  • Trauma Scene Waste Practitioner Permit
  • Certificate for hazardous Waste Transportation
  • Permit for infectious Waste Transportation

Apart from these license and permits, the crime scene cleanup crew must have the required skill to sanitize and decontaminate the entire area.

The aftermath of a violent incident

Whether it is a traumatic accident, a suicide or a macabre murder, the scene of the crime/incident or accident is a gory site; it needs to be cleaned. But that can take place only after the investigators have taken their last piece of evidence from the scene and the coroner has given his go ahead. With human remains and blood spilled all over, it takes courage and confidence to clean up the area. Whether it is blood clean up or something else, it is a daunting task, to say the least. You need to not only clean up the entire area, but also disinfect it. Since most of the time the investigators take time to collect evidence and photographs, the bodies or body parts start to decompose once the cleaner arrives on the scene.

Decomposed bodies

Sometimes the bodies can just be found by accident, as in case of hoarding of dead bodies or in cases of suicides that have gone unnoticed for some time. These bodies get decomposed and putrid odor may feel up the entire area. It is really a daunting task to cope up with such crime scenes and get on with a suicide cleanup. Apart from being able to clean up and sanitize the area, you need to follow OSHA standards all the while.