Do you feel like you are making your customers uncomfortable? Find the balance

If what you have to communicate to your client is not a matter of such urgency that it requires your appearance without prior notice, then you had better  send them a text message instead of making a call so as not to inconvenience them.

Within the relationship between a Property news and his client there is a fine line between having effective and excessive communication (or in many cases, annoying), your task as an agent is to find a balance between these two extremes. Therefore, we bring you a couple of tips that can help you achieve this.

The key is to maintain an adequate amount of communication

The most important starting point is to be clear that you must keep your client sufficiently informed. There is nothing worse than a client losing a valuable opportunity for not having received timely information from their real estate agent, or worse, that they must vacate their own house (without prior notice) because their agent did not notify them in advance that potential buyers They would take a tour of the property. The lack of communication will produce friction between you and the client will have the impression that you are not very consistent in your work.

On the other hand, there is the agent who continually contacts his client to the point of becoming a real headache. At best, constant calls will make the customer feel slightly overwhelmed and upset, but at worst it can lead him to believe that you are not sufficiently informed or prepared, which is why you are constantly contacting him to inform him. Things you forgot on the previous call, and may even stop answering your calls as unnecessary or simply because they don’t want to talk to you one more time.

So what is the ideal point? How to achieve balance?

Put yourself in their shoes

One of the things to remember is that your client is probably not very different from you. Be empathetic to him and put yourself in his shoes. When you think of it this way, it is not difficult to know what the difference is between informing them about what they need to know, as well as when it is appropriate for them to listen to you and overwhelming them with information at the wrong time. How would you feel if you were the client and your agent in university town acted the same way you do? If you think you would be satisfied, then your current customer will most likely think the same.

But in addition to using common sense, the wonderful modern world in which we live constantly provides us with solutions to our problems and this situation is no exception. We are talking about text messages. That’s right, this practice that was once belittled by older people but incredibly well received by young people has gradually become a hotspot for the real estate industry and it is very important that you know how you can get the most benefit of this tool. We invite you to read the second part of this note where we will explain how you can use it professionally and achieve a balance of communication with your clients, a fundamental aspect for real estate success .