Exercises to Reduce Chest Fat

Reducing chest fat can be done with or workout and by following diet. First of all you need to know that you can’t target chest fat directly without reducing whole body fat so you have to done whole body workout for that but there are some exercises which can help you to firm and tone up upper body which are as follows :

PUSH-UPS: It is a classic way to tone chest. One can do it at home without any equipment .Push ups help to burn more calories, increase testrogen level, makes your body flexible , strengthen cardio vascular system and increase bone intensity. Try to do different type of push ups instead of only traditional and staggered one.

DUMBBELL or BARBELL CHEST PRESS: Performing both, is the best way to work on your pectoral muscles and triceps. Instead of arguing and thinking which one is best, try both and experience which works best on you. For this exercise you will need barbells, dumbbells and smith machine.

CABLE CROSS: It is an effective chest exercise.It provides customize cable height to target specific areas of chest, it stretches the chest muscle under load and make great muscle again as it targets your pectoralis major muscles sternal heads that found in the bottom part of your chest.

Another effective way to lose fat from all over your body is to increase leptin levels in your body. Leptin is a hormone responsible to maintain a healthy weight in your body by flushing out extra fat from your system. If you are able to increase leptin hormone in your body, you are sure to enjoy a healthy weight maintained naturally by your body. It becomes an auto-pilot system and you are able to stay slim and sexy.

By adding a leptin supplement in your intake, you can increase leptin levels of your body. The best way is to buy a lptin supplement from a trusted retailer. People often ask where to buy leptin supplement and how they can know is a good one. The best answer is to read the online reviews of the supplement that you want to buy and you will see many trusted blogs publishing honest reviews of the product.