How to make your boobs bigger for Beautiful Body

The procedures adopted in how to make your boobs bigger can also be extended to include your complete physique enhancement. This is for the simple reason that the body and boob size are always complementary to each other. Trying to develop one without the other will result in unhealthy and awkward physique. Moreover it is not practically possible to do it. Hence you need to focus your attention on wholesome physique enhancement while trying to derive the methods for how to make your boobs bigger. While following the natural methods you need to focus on the main aspects of diet plan, physical workouts, supplement intake and massaging techniques.

How to make your boobs bigger through Hormone Enhancement

The hormones form the foundation on which the entire method of how to make your boobs bigger is based. The key hormones are the progesterone and estrogen. Their production and distribution to the inner core area of the boobs can be increased naturally. For this you need to intake supplements consisting of fenugreek, dong quai, kelp, fennel, dandelion, watercress and blessed thistle.

  • Fenugreek is a hormone enhancing natural element. The peculiar properties can consistently stimulate the hormone producing glands located in the various parts of your body. In combination with fennel, kelp and dong quai, the production of progesterone and estrogen can be enhanced to reach the maximum levels. This in turn activates the generation of size boosting enzymes within the various layers of your boobs. The enzymes can increase the fluid retention capacity of every cell and tissue within the boobs. The main ingredients of these fluids are minerals, vitamins, proteins and nutrients apart from pure forms of energy. This promotes the growth and splitting of the cells within a few weeks.
  • The growth pattern of ligaments ducts, lobules retro-mammary and subcutaneous fatty tissues, and the expansion of major and minor pectoralis muscles is systematically streamlined. This is a result of following the guidelines perfectly.
  • Physical workouts are essential parts of how to make your boobs bigger. Here you need to focus on exercises like swimming, pushups, weight lifting, resistance training, rowing and inclined plank workouts with dumbbells. During pregnancy and the post natal periods you can leave out the tougher parts and focus on simple techniques on how to make your boobs bigger. They include pushups, inclined plank exercises and rowing. Swimming (especially the butterfly and the breast strokes) is one of the most trusted forms of how to make your boobs bigger. Moreover swimming can shape your entire physique in a beautiful manner. You can engage in swimming activities for about 20 minutes for each cycle. Doing it twice a day can enhance the size and volume of your breasts naturally.

How to make your boobs bigger through Massaging

The various techniques used for massaging include holding the center (nipples) and applying light pressure, while massaging the rest of the boob with your other hand. This can help in enhanced blood flow within the boobs. Besides, the boobs start generating Prolactin which help increase the size and volume of boobs. The techniques for how to make your boobs bigger are applicable for all adult ages.