Planned obsolescence calls into question the model of the consumer society. Are sustainability and growth compatible?

Many things, which we follow closely. We also conduct our lobbying, in network with other associations, in particular around the question of the duration of the guarantee of the products, governed by a directive. The upcoming European elections may be an opportunity to enhance our proposals at this level.

You are in constant contact with companies … what means to train them, beyond the constraint?

As we know, the economic interests that oppose greater product sustainability are important. Hence the need for civil society to get involved, by being informed, by choosing sustainable products, by repairing, and hence also by the birth of our association, which has helped to inform about a phenomenon that is still little known. is five years old. This will undoubtedly have an effect on the choices of companies: when they realize that the criterion of sustainability becomes important for consumers, or even that competitors begin to integrate it, they end up moving. By announcing the availability of its spare parts for 10 years, Seb, for example, shook the market.

But we cannot limit ourselves to criticizing: we must also adopt a constructive logic in order to help companies that wish to change. Our association can play the role of trusted third party between businesses and citizens. We thus facilitate the exchange of good practices between a dozen companies engaged in the production of durable goods.

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What is happening at European level?

Each release of a new iPhone is also a boon for the refurbished phone market . In this context, is reconditioning really a bulwark against planned obsolescence and the production of waste that it entails?

We promote repackaging so that abandoned phones are reused. But first, we advocate keeping each object as long as possible, and investing in devices such as the iphone 7 pret whose environmental footprint is limited and which are more easily repairable.

If there are undoubtedly still dysfunctions or even paradoxes in these new modes of consumption, it is nevertheless important to support them, by showing that they form different pieces of the puzzle of solutions.

Without a doubt! In particular, there would be enormous work to be done in terms of product referencing, to trace its origins and effects, along the lines of what Yuka does on food. I-buycott, via its BuyOrNot app, does this partially. With this in mind, in November, Hop will also launch a new version of the site, aimed at strengthening consumer information on durable goods and concrete solutions to extend the life of products.

When it comes to imposing constraints on companies, the public authorities do fear that they will harm growth, as if raising GDP should be considered a supreme objective. Beyond our disagreement on the place that this indicator should take in public policies, we believe on the contrary that asking for greater sustainability of products would not only preserve resources, but also recreate industrial jobs in France.

We had already obtained the introduction, in the 2014 consumer law, of an obligation to provide information on the availability period of spare parts. But the decree supposed to implement this provision has considerably reduced its scope. We attacked him in the Council of State and await the decision.