Khaadi lawn 2020-Summer

Khaadi Luxury Lawn Kurta Collection 2019

Khaadi lawn 2020

Khaadi lawn 2020 launched Kurta Wears. Khaadi is adeptness in this Area of designing Outfits for Women. Khaadi Dresses is required in each side of Pakistan. If You are like this Brand Dresses? If so then it’s a Huge New It comes with the New Summer Wear Collection 2019 For Young Ladies with New style.

Today is a world of style everyone need to wear Particular dresses to look classy & glossy when go among Some gathering. For this, branded Dresses whose quality is best are required by them. As That About Fashion

“The client is the last filter. What survives the process is what people wear. I’m interested in making clothing that wind up in some dusty museum.” — Marc Jacobs

New Luxury Yard Kurta Collection 2019 From Khaadi

Now Here Is the New Khaadi Summer Wear Dresses Designs. Khaadi is a well Fashion Brand who’s Working for this For Most Times Ago. It launched Casual wear Seasonal wear formal wear party wear & Semi-formal Wear Etc……

Every Time it has New Style Of dresses with New layouts. Lawn shirt was printed by rich combinations on . It Dresses Cost is not Out Of range. Here Are The Various Dresses Images Which You can Check the idea is made by & Pair with straight pants that are self-embroidered.

Dazzle from the color of Spring. Pair with bootcut pants. Available at stores in white and orange.

The brightest colors for your spring appearance. Oriental flowers and chain print on cotton kurta.

Khaadi Luxury Lawn 2019

In the past few years, many manufacturers have launched makeup and perfumes in Pakistan. Fragrances is an area where the brands have been struggling, while cosmetics still manages to receive our focus and meet global standards. That’s why when we received an invitation that is exclusive for the launching of Khaadi’s new fragrance range we moved with expectations.

Khaadi Home, Khaadi Khaas and Khaadi Pret are already game changers from the home decoration, casual and formal women’s wear industry in Pakistan — and also the newest gained strength rapidly through the country in addition to internationally. The label remains unchallenged in shop presentation and to date with innovation in women’s wear and its selection. Khaadi Pakistan has grown into one of the most loved brands in Pakistan. This explains why, although our expectations were reduced, we’re interested to experience the range and discover if the innovation and focus on quality had rubbed off to the perfumes department!

So Did They Impress Us?

We’re glad to state that we now have our own brand of local fragrances that can compare with most international brands in terms of scent and packaging. Our favourites are the human body mist bottles. The packaging is refreshing, youthful and perky. It completely makes you want to buy one. The packaging is attractive and the perfume bottles are also refined to behold, providing the feel of expensive scents. The scents vary from floral, musky, strong and sweet — a diverse selection to decide on the one that you love. The Parfum Atelier is a state-of-the-art personal label which produces and produces a range of Perfumery and Cosmetic goods. The company is based in Spain and has a network of supply and sales. Salvador Montesinos explained that he has developed these scents keeping in mind, the temperatures in Pakistan while talking to people, and those will last for as much as 12 hours. Taking inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan, the range provides a contemporary twist to traditional Pakistani fragrance preferences.

So below are the aromas unveiled by Khaadi to your Spring-Summer Collection and that’s exactly what we thought of them! This one includes a strong, heady scent — perfect for dinners and formal affairs. If you’re planning sari along with your 6 inch heels, or a gown, you’re ready to turn heads with Serene. Btw it does not carry that average rose (y) scent… just if you are aversive to it.

Bittersweet is probably our fav so far. A refreshing blend of orange, pear, and pink pepper; a scent is carried by it. Casual, every day wear is what comes to mind if you wear this one. A fast dash to the grocery store, relaxing salon visit or a visit to your dentist, this can be the fragrance for all events. Therefore, if you are currently searching for a floral ittar-like odor, but not too strong, and combined with a different fragrance, then this is it.

Unusual is light and bit on the side. It goes maybe or with a Lawn jora at a tea party in a buddies’ meetup at home. Something you want to freshen up keep it occupied.

Radiance is about the fruity odor fan in you! Wear it with your fav white top and a pair of jeans in summer and you’re rocking the sun in all of its glory! If you plan a lunch date with that special someone or friends, if you want to produce a carefree,’casual but can not overlook me’ announcement, then go for this.

There you have it — our summertime love is heading towards Khaadi. The new set will be available nationwide in all Khaadi shops, and also online at in 10th April 2019. 19 fragrances subdivided into eau de parfum premium, eau de parfum mid-tier and body mists are offered by the cologne range. Khaki’s new set is priced between PKR 950/- and PKR 4,000/- Happy shopping and do tell us that one you’re wearing this weekend!