Minecraft Easter Eggs/Secrets

Minecraft Easter Eggs/Secrets
In Minecraft there are Easter Eggs, or you could say secrets. There are a number of Easter Eggs, like a ton of them! But all of them are not on each model. For example, the holiday Easter Eggs — those are handiest on PC/Mac.

Here is a weird Easter Egg that I discovered out approximately these days. All you have to do is simply name yourself “deamau5”, and this can come up with big, blue Mickey Mouse-searching ears. To do that in Minecraft PC, you need to visit your Mojang account. In the Minecraft PE, you simply go to Minecraft settings and trade your name there.

If you name a rabbit “toast” with a call tag, it will give it a pattern of black and Minecraft indir white. Here’s a little tale why they delivered this: When Ryan Holtz changed into developing rabbits on Minecraft, user “xyzen420” requested him to make a pores and skin that would appear to be his lady friend’s misplaced rabbit, Toast. So now naming a rabbit “Toast” with a name tag, will switch its skin to the lost rabbit, Toast’s, skin as a memorial.

Now a few textures! So interior unused elements of the Zombie Pigmen texture, it says “THX XAPHOBIA”. This is Notch, the author of Minecraft, announcing way to Xaphobia, the author of the Zombie Pigmen texture.

In the Guardian and Elder Guardian texture, near the lowest proper corner, it says, “jeb.” Jeb is the lead developer of Minecraft.