Our Favorite Stocking Stuffers Are…..

Stocking stuffers are those tiny gifts, which bring so much joy and excitement and the items vary from list to list. Well it’s interesting to know what people really want to see in their stockings .ladies have a variety of items to put o their list. Makeup and ladies are inseparable and it’s never enough of makeup in there collection, so they will happily welcome new products in their stash. Get them a subscription bag, these are perfect for the makeup hovers, they will get four to five products from the high end brands to try on. These bags are completely worth the money. You can find great deals at giftbeta.com and there are various bags offering special holiday discounts so you will end up paying little amount for a bag full of makeup. Selfie craze is still on and the girls can do anything to get that perfect selfie of the day. So what’s better than the selfie well is a device to click that perfect picture without hand movement? All you have to do is connect the device with a cord and press the button when you are ready .no doubt this will make the best stocking stuffer ever.

We all know about the emergency first-aid kit but have you heard about the Mini emergency kit ladies? Well am sure you must have not but let me introduce you to this super useful and must have kit in your purse. Many a times we have walked up to a stranger and asked if they carry a safety pin or a tape or simply a nail polish remover. So this mini emergency bag holds all those essential items that would save you from the embarrassing moments and of course save your time. it contains a double sided tape, a polish remover, deodorant and stain remover in sachet so its light weight not to forget the safety pins, thread and floss. gift this kit to your girlfriend or your sisters or get one for yourself. This is such a thoughtful gift to show how much you care for your girls. I really find these makeup spatulas and this is something people will pass on when comes to buying ,so here is your chance get these super affordable makeup spatulas and gift it to all the ladies you know as a gift, you know why? Well they can reach the very end of the makeup containers and you can use every bit of your makeup without having to waste any. We know how expensive this stuff is so it’s not a clever idea to just toss them in the trash. Let you friends charge their phone from anywhere in the room with this ten foot Iphone cable. They would never think someone could give such a thing but yes you can as you know how difficult it becomes for to charge their phones and how important it is for them to be up and running on social media. Well we have covered some great stocking stuffer every girl would wish to receive.