Radon Gas Symptoms on Health

We know that radon gas is a radioactive element and have drastic effects on everyone whether you are adult, young, aged etc. radon gas symptoms are for everyone and everything i.e. pets too.

Everyone is exposed to radon gas once in their lifetime but the topic of discussion here is that whether the concentration to which he or she is exposed to was higher than 4.0 pCi/L or not.

Because if it is not then don’t worry you don’t have to see an oncologist, or you haven’t been developing a lung cancer of any sort.

Radon releases radiation that causes lung cancer i.e., it is a silent killer unlike other radioactive substances in the environment.

You can’t tell that whether you are exposed to it or not because there are no symptoms and remember that radon symptoms in children is different from that of adults because their lungs are smaller, and radon is a heavy gas, so it tends to effect children more as compared to adults.

Radon Gas Symptoms and why it is better to remove it?

As we know that children have smaller lungs, so they tend to respirate faster than adults and because of this they tend to intake more radon than an adult.

Younger ones especially those ones crawling on the floor are susceptible to intake more radon gas because they are close to the floor which is considered as a source of releasing out the radon gas.

It’s a general trend that as we know that children respirates faster, so they are more prone to radon gas symptoms and also because of there dividing body cells. But EPA nullify this statement by saying this that everyone is prone to radiation whether he is small or an adult.

There is no theory or stamen saying that children will be affected more because of this than adults.

EPA states that any kind of exposure of radon gas by any living thing will be prone to get lung cancer ultimately because it doesn’t show ant symptoms it’s a silent killer and when the symptoms have appeared to show then it’ll be too late to do anything.

As we know that most homes in USA are prone to get radon gas in them and it should be affecting the citizens in one way or the other so it is recommended that do make sure to make sure house get tested and analyzed once a year because if something that drastic is in your house so it is better to remove it in time rather leave it until it causes some major damage to anyone’s health.

Testing Your houses for Radon Gas is easy and inexpensive so it is recommended that at least once a year do make the tests because if you find the elevated levels of radon gas in your house than work toward fixing it in time.