Radon Mitigation System Indoor System Installation

With the age, the condition of house can be worse if proper maintenance is not done. Lifetime radon mitigation system is providing you the best solution to remove the radon gas from your house. Radon mitigation Milwaukee is the best opportunity to increase the life span of your house.

The installation involves assembly of pipes, drilling hole in the ground and fan fitting assembly. The installation is done in two steps. Firstly, our team visit your home to understand current situation of your home to install the best suitable radon mitigation system to your home. Second step is the mechanical work done to install the system. This process takes less than week to complete.

The indoor system can be of four types;

First one is the passive installation in which the system is installed during the construction of your place. There is no need to install the additional hole in the ground for outer channel gas flow because the piping assembly is installed during construction and it can be an easy process for the customers.

Next is the active system in which the radon mitigation system is installed after the construction. Basically, radon mitigation system is used to avoid the problem due to the presence of radon gas. Inspection is done under supervision of our experts and after inspection system is installed. The whole is drilled in the basement of your house at suitable point. The drilling process can take time considering the difficulties involved i.e. toughness of the ground, any metal material in the way etc. After drilling, the required piping assembly is installed. Elbows can be used around the corners to avoid the additional disturbance to your house. During inspection, the cracks and openings in the ground are also observed to avoid the overload on the fan. The opening and cracks are filled with blocking material to possibly provide the only one channel for the gas flow i.e. Piping assembly. After drilling and indoor piping assembly, outer assembly is installed which involves the installation of the fan and the outer duct. During installation it is kept in mind that no broken piper of any other rotted material is used so that if there are hole in the assembly, the suction through duct can be difficult as the required negative pressure cannot be induced by the fan. So, this type of installation requires deep knowledge and proper working.

The third system is based on the pressure difference. In this system after the assembly installation it is advised to the customers to remain close the door and windows of the drilled ground so that the gases can be moves upward due to pressure difference.

Final installation system involves the covering the whole ground with plastic sheets to cover crawl spaces and this system is expensive than others. This system is installed when there are muddy and loose gravel ground.

Radon mitigation system is installed considering the conditions of the place and location of your house and any of the above system is installed.