FIXED: DNS server tools are now correctly installed as part Of the RSAT bundle.

While it was normally clinic for Microsoft to release a new remote server administration tools  version with every release of a Windows client OS in recent decades they have been releasing these tools less often (see )

While it does not seem like There’s much in this new Version I still always recommend that admin operate the latest edition of RSAT in their personal computer to ensure the least amount of difficulty, especially with Group Policy Management Console.

remote server administration tools

What’s new:

FIXED: Shielding data documents and template disks can now be Created from the bundle by their various wizards.

KNOWN ISSUE: The x86 RSAT bundle may fail during Setup on Windows 10 builds older than 17110, and on assembles other than the 171xx collection.

Also notice that Microsoft is already moving away from utilizing RSAT tools for management and with a new tool called codename”Honolulu”. This tool now only includes Windows Server 2016 and is a replacement for Windows Server Handle. Its an extensible PowerShell based single management pane tool that can be used to perform lots of the admin tasks over multiple servers.

Remote Server Admin Tool out today for Windows 10

Each time Microsoft releases a Windows client OS they In case you don’t understand what Remote Server Admin Tools (a.k.a. RSAT) isalso, its the full sweet of admin tools which you would normally have on a Windows Server however packed to be installed on the client OS. That is a necessity for anyone who manages servers as it’s important to be able to manage you functions remotely. This is obviously especially important as Windows Server 2016 by default, does not install the GUI hence making this instrument not only important but essential.

Is the Group Policy Management Console and as consistently advocated, its better to use the latest edition of the GPMC when editing Group Policy Objects.

Remote Server Admin Tools supplied in Windows 1

If you have followed this blog you’d know that the Remote Server Admin Tools are an essential set of tools including handled Group Policy, Active Directory and almost all other core components of Windows Server. These tools could be installed on demand if you’re running Windows Server. But if you wanted to perform the remote management from a Windows Client OS then you had to download and install the RSAT tool as another Windows Update package.

However, as of Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17682 this has Now changed and now you can optional install on demand RSAT programs on your Windows client OS.

Windows 10 Characteristic on demand RSAT

The great thing about making it a part of the Core OS is that It’s currently kept up to date when you are given a brand new OS version. This means you no longer have to seek out the most up-to-date and greatest GPMC variant when managing Group Policy since you will always have the latest version installed.

Remote Server Management Applications for Windows 10 may be Used to manage features and functions that are running on Windows Server Technical Preview, together with the following exceptions:

DHCP Tools. RSAT, but equivalent Windows PowerShell cmdlets are available.

IPAM tools are not Available in this release of RSAT.

Network Policy Server Tools. The NPS console Isn’t

Routing and Remote Access Tools. Access Can not be used for remote configuration in this Release of RSAT, however, the identical Windows PowerShell cmdlets are available.