Social networks for real estate Pakistan: Tips for using the best social networks

Do you do social media marketing for real estate? We have been collecting tips and tricks for several months so you can use social media as a real estate content marketing channel. Today we want to review what to publish in each social network of ICHS Town Islamabad in which you have a presence.

Tips for using the best social networks for real estate

Facebook, the connection with the public comes first

As experts in marketing for real estate, in property for sale in Islamabad we meet every day with Facebook profiles dedicated almost exclusively to self-hype. By this we mean agencies and professionals that limit the updates of this social network to advertise their products and services without worrying about anything else.

It is a widespread error, which generates only rejection by readers and followers, since it conveys selfishness and no interest in fans.

Faced with this position, we do not tire of recommending that you plan the content you share on social networks for real estate. For this, it is necessary that you first create a real estate marketing plan. You don’t need anything very sophisticated, just set yourself goals and plan actions. Remember that you should always focus your efforts on connecting with your audience.

Twitter, quality above quantity

Another mistake that many real estate agents make is to prioritize the amount of tweets, forgetting that quality should come first. Not much shouting at the audience will get us to pay more attention.

As on Facebook, on Twitter for real estate you should focus on finding connections, creating ties, and establishing relationships. For that, you can use many techniques, but from Inmogesco, we recommend the following:

·         Save the proportion of three thirds

That is, a third of your posts will be retweets, highlighting what is published by your fans or third-party blog articles. Another third can be dedicated to answering your fans and followers and the last one to own promotional content.

·         Use different formats

Variety is one of the fixed rules of this social network. Look for diversity between links, photos and videos.

·         Be constant

The return on investment on Twitter takes time to be seen. You will need between 6 months and a year to see results.

LinkedIn, the social network of professionals

With regard to LinkedIn, the possibilities to position your  real estate website are many. We already discuss the topic in depth, with tips on how to position the profile of a real estate agent on LinkedIn to bring traffic to your website and tricks to make your profile more visible to search engines.

But above all keep in mind that quality content that responds to the needs of your followers is the key on LinkedIn, where those who wish to do real estate business with you as a leader in the sector will go.