The best natural products for cleaning at home


When it comes to cleaning items we can talk about an extensive range of specialized products for each area of ​​your home in capital smart city, however, there are some natural products that are very easy to get and also give excellent results. Take note!


The juice of this citrus is full of antibacterial and antiseptic properties that will help to give a deeper cleaning to your home. You can use it to remove bad odors, for example, placing half a lemon in the refrigerator or using a few drops of lemon in the soap to wash your kitchen utensils, which will also help to remove the fat once and for all.

Lemon also helps clean TV and computer screens, just dampen a cloth with lemon juice and wipe it over the screen. It will be shiny and with an extraordinary smell.

Olive oil

This oil is an excellent complement to your cleaning kit, as it polishes metals and gives shine to surfaces. It will be enough to place a little oil on a cloth and rub in circles on the object so that it recovers its shine. For example, wood and leather furniture will make it look shinier and at the same time remove or hide any scratches it may have.

You can also use it on windows or mirrors for a brighter appearance. After you have washed them, just rub them with a cloth with very little oil and they will be ready. This also serves to prevent fogging, which is very functional in bathroom mirrors.

We recommend that you then use a paper towel or a piece of newspaper to remove the excess and prevent the area from being greasy.


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Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda is perfect for cleaning the bathroom or kitchen, as it contains antibacterial properties and fights fungi. To use it, you just have to make a paste with ¾ bicarbonate, ¼ of water and with the help of a cloth rub it on the surface you want to clean. It is mainly recommended for tiles and shower curtains or kitchen faucets, as it helps remove tartar and mold caused by moisture, while also giving shine.

If you want to have better results or you are cleaning an extremely dirty area, we recommend leaving the mixture to work overnight and rinsing it the next day.

White vinegar

This liquid is ideal for unclogging pipes and removing bad smells, as well as allowing water marks on wood to be removed. Likewise, it helps to remove rust, if you have any tool or hinge that needs to be cleaned, it will be enough to immerse it in a container with white vinegar and leave it for a couple of days, later you can easily remove the oxide.

As an extra, you can use vinegar to uncover your shower and enjoy it like the first day you bought it, not forgetting that it will give it an extraordinary shine, here we tell you how.


You will be surprised to know how many wonders this seasoning provides. First, it is an excellent resource for getting rid of stains that are difficult to remove, for example, red wine stains, coffee stains, or yellow stains that can appear on different objects including piano keys. On the other hand, it brightens the floors and prevents them from getting dirty quickly, just add a cup of salt in a bucket of warm water and mop your floor as usual.

Salt is also perfect for cleaning kitchen cutting boards, to get rid of stains you only need to moisten a little salt and rub it on it. Let it sit for 5 minutes and rinse, you will see how they will disappear instantly.

A good option is to combine these 100% natural ingredients with each other to create mixtures that will give you surprising results. Already have your new buyproperty Let’s do it!