University Town Islamabad





24 Hours of gasoline, water, and power:


There’s the Accessibility to 24 hours of gasoline, water, and power. The power is fixed underground to get a safe life and contains 24 hours of backup systems it is going to be so helpful for the occupants because these 3 things are extremely fundamental and reason to endure.


Health Clubs and clubs:


As we mentioned that health Means lots for those programmers that is why the group managed a gym and fitness center for the residents to enjoy their healthy and joyful lifestyle.


Carpeted Broad streets and running trails:


The society is Connected by quite clean and wide streets the interior streets in the society will also be assembled well decorated by trees and plants. There are running tracks beside every street in society.


Safety Relationships:


The society is Safe and secure. It’s a high boundary wall electrical wires are fixed from the wall. It’s one pass primary gate along with the large technology CCTV camera is about the gate in addition to on each road of this society.


Commercial Zone:


Industrial block because of the occupants having the tendency after shopping malls and tasty restaurants such as five-star resorts that have its programs and internet shopping system.

Garbage Entry channels:


There are garbage Entry stations on a lot of things on the planet to keep it tidy and tidy. Cleanliness permits individuals to have a healthful life. The residents will not have any worry of throwing garbage or hunting places carrying it too much. The staff person takes it and place it to a huge basket they’ll collect waste every day and take it into the channels.


Public transport:


Transportation. It will offer a secure and comfortable trip throughout society. Residents will be supplied online vehicle booking system and programs also there they are easily able to book a cab from their houses and traveling safely with online monitoring their travel.

Automobile Parking area:

There’ll be specific Automobile parking places in each residential or commercial area the principles of visitors is going to be followed by each individual. You will find the newest traffic lights on each street and chowk as a result of this centre that the visitors will be always agreeable and nonstop or no prospect of traffic jams.


Community Programs:


In the university Town, there are lots of community facilities for the talks of its occupants with each other about numerous topics and issues. In such facilities students may sit together and talk about their research subjects, businessmen can explain their new thoughts, aged may also speak to one another about their candy previous moment. Each individual believes and proposed many things to pick a location they’d invest in where they could find every centre in this respect that the university town facilities allow their dream come true like park view city and blue world city. In such societies there are also smart features and pricing program and people reserve their plots within their very first trip .