Why we need to plant more trees?

There are so many benefits of planting more trees that we need to plant more of them every time. Trees are the means for cleaning the air that we breathe, they are capable of providing shade and shelter to the wildlife, the benefits that we avail from woods are numerous and the way they help reduce carbon in the air, trees and their plantation is one of the most beneficial thing for the mankind right now. The Best Tree Service in Grapevine Texas can help you with all the matters regarding the trees so you need not to be worried for the plantation of the trees near you.

 The decline of the wildlife and the pure and clean air has brought us to think about planting more trees as it is the only way to preserve nature and to help restore the balance in the air. The less trees there are, the lesser are the chances for a healthier environment. To help you learn why we need to have more trees around us, we have gathered the top reasons for planting more trees, so that we all know why it is so important and we start planting more trees now.

·         80 percent of the trees are already gone

Yes, it is true, from the start of 1900, people have cut a lot of trees and today there are less than 20 percent of the trees remaining to help our environment. So imagine how much work we have to do right now to help save the future generations and how many plants each of us has to grow in order to overcome the need of the trees. The life of the wildlife is linked to the trees as well so for their survival too, we have to pant more trees and become more conscious about preserving them.

·         Half of the oxygen for our environment comes from trees

The research has revealed that the half of the oxygen that our environment needs, comes from the trees, therefore, the more the trees will be, the rich the air would be in terms of oxygen. Therefore, it is important to plant more trees so that these oxygen factories keep on producing the healthy breathable air for us. The rest of the oxygen comes for the oceans and the plants inside it, which means that we do not only have to save the trees, but also the oceans so that they can keep on producing more clean air.


·         Plants contribute a lot in the medicines as well

The medicines that the human beings and the animals are taking, most of them come from the rainforests which is why they are so important. Out of every 4 medicines used, 1 is made from the extracts of the trees and plants from the forest so let us all make sure we plant more trees. Availing the Best Tree Service in Grapevine Texas, you can get the trees planted professionally.